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Who I Am

Hi! I’m Danielle.

When I was 15, I told my Dad I wanted to be a doctor. He didn’t think I could, so I set out to prove him wrong. Turns out he was right.


It took many, many years of searching, thinking, trying, and sometimes failing to figure out what I was meant to do. When I became a career coach, I thought, that’s it! I’ve found my calling… to help people transition from one job to the other. I loved helping people through this. It’s difficult to look for a job, especially when you’ve just been let go.


But I discovered something very important in the process. The majority of people I was helping were unhappy in their jobs at the time they were let go. And I realized that this had been the case for me too.


What if finding another job is not the answer? What if what you truly need is to figure out what would make you happy? What if the work you do corresponds to who you are?


I had very little help figuring out what I ultimately wanted to become, and I don’t want that to happen to you.


So today, I work with people who want to figure out their WHY. And that starts with WHO you are.

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More About my Background and Qualifications

I work with professionals who want to reinvent their career.

Several years’ ago, I left a career as Director of Marketing and Communication for a software company to become a coach. I started out as a Career Coach because there is no harder product to market than oneself. Since then, I’ve coached hundreds of people in career transition and provided management and leadership coaching and training to dozens of organizations. I’m passionate about helping people work through change.

I firmly believe that, in today’s volatile and uncertain world we all need to embrace a reinvention mindset, which simply means remaining open and curious about change and the opportunities it provides. Remaining alive and thriving, doing something we love, finding purpose in what we do and doing WHO we are is what I wish for everyone. As far as education and credentials are concerned, I’m a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS).

I talk about Change, the Titanic Syndrome, and the Art of Reinvention, particularly how to reinvent your career and what it means to reinvent as we get older. I’m a Certified Reinvention Professional, co-founder of Reinvention Canada an official partner of the Reinvention Academy, and the Chief Reinvention Officer of my own business.

I hold an MBA in management and marketing from the John Molson School of Business as well as a master’s in human systems intervention from Concordia University. One of my most wonderful experiences was the last year of my MBA when I participated in an exchange program with a school in Antibes. Who doesn’t want to live in the South of France!

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