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A new level of consciousness

I lost my job after working for the same company for many, many years. My self-esteem was so bad and my self-worth so low that I imagined myself as a bag lady on the street. That left me so paralyzed and depressed that I was unable to do what needed to be done to find a new job. I worked with Danielle to redefine my skills and accomplishments and I learned to accept them and be proud of them. Danielle also guided me and showed me how to create an impressive CV. I have received many compliments on it. Above all, working with Danielle has helped me reach a new level of consciousness. She is a warm and compassionate person and a real study in courage herself. I now feel really good about myself and able to tackle the world. Danielle, you have been and continue to be, a great inspiration. Thank you!


Professional and dedicated

Danielle is professional and dedicated to her clients. She is both true to herself and to her clients in sharing feedback elements that are essential to our development. She is courageous and authentic. I have been privileged to meet Danielle in 2013 during a Career Transition period where both her warm, communicating approach and her logical, structured process helped me envision new directions. In any professional relationship, a very large percentage of the success is to feel connected with the coach. With Danielle, this connection is facilitated by her natural gifts of caring, listening and getting people in action. I strongly recommend her.

Manon S gave Danielle Silverman Coaching a 5 star Review

Danielle was a huge help in working with me

Do I stay or do I go? That is the question that Danielle helped me answer about two and a half years ago. She was my career coach at the time. I was exploring next step career opportunities within and outside of my employer at the time. Looking for a win-win for me and my employer. With my employer’s consent (BTW. Thanks for that ?). Danielle was a huge help in working with me to come up with the answer. I will spare you the details, you can read about them in my book. But there was one question that Danielle asked me that sealed the deal. A good coach does not have to ask a lot of questions. If they are listening and picking up on the right vibes, they only have to ask a few. The date that I gave myself to make my “do I stay or do I go” decision was fast approaching. I was leaning toward going but that was pretty scary since it involved a lot of unknowns, and I was close to 50 years old at the time. When I described what I would be doing, stuff I had never tried before, I became hesitant. I told her I thought I would like to do those things. The people I had met as part of my discovery phase thought I would also like to do those things. and that I would be good at them (BTW. Thanks for the feedback ?). I thought but I was not sure. After all, I had never done any of them. That is when she asked me the question. “You don’t know what you don’t know. So, how will you ever know if you don’t try?” Touché! I went! And I have not looked back since. It has been quite the journey since. Thanks Danielle for helping me get started on the new phase of my career journey. That new part of my life journey.

Dave W gave Danielle Silverman Coaching a 5 star Review

Spot on advice

Working with Danielle through her coaching process gave me a lot of clarity and helped me see better how I wanted to approach my next professional move. Danielle coached me through a recruitment process that ended with me getting the job I wanted in an industry I’m proud of. She has a lot of knowledge and is always spot on her advice.

Elba N gave Danielle Silverman Coaching a 5 star Review

Expérimentée, authentique, compréhensive, aidante

Danielle est une coach expérimentée, authentique, compréhensive, aidante et désireuse d’amener son coaché plus loin afin qu’il explore les différentes possibilités qui s’offrent à lui, qu’il réalise son plein potentiel et qu’il soit plus heureux. Les questions posées par Danielle sont toujours pertinentes et visent une prise de conscience et/ou une remise en question du coaché. Merci!

Marc-Antoine B gave Danielle Silverman Coaching a 4 star Review

Strong positive energy and a very humane approach

Danielle has a strong positive energy and a very humane approach that makes us feel confident to take big and consequential decisions. She guides and accompanies every step, which gives us the strength to explore options that are out of our comfort zone. The transition operates very softly, so that we evolve in harmony with our true self. Danielle has been of a great help and I would recommend her to my dearest friends and family members.

Valerie P gave Danielle Silverman Coaching a 5 star Review

From fear to fierce!

I just started a new job in sales, based solely on commission. It’s been a long time since I’ve done this sort of thing and I was totally blocked and unable to work. I called you and within 10 minutes you got me un-stuck. You asked questions and gave me simple tools that helped clarify things for me and gave me the impetus to get beyond my fear. The result is I had a GREAT week and made my first sale!


Helped me find a career closer to my dreams

When I first met Danielle, I was at point in my professional career where things were moving very slowly and I felt frustrated because I knew I was ready for a bigger challenge and for something new, but I didn’t know what that something new was. Through her human approach, her active listening and her questions, Danielle gave me the opportunity to revisit my dreams that were tossed aside for way too long. Being able to dream again gave me the energy and the motivation to eliminate some self-imposed limits and to open myself to new ideas and possibilities. Danielle’s coaching definitely helped me find a career closer to my dreams.

Luciano F gave Danielle Silverman Coaching a 5 star Review
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