Part 3: Strategies for embracing CHANGE

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“Each of us has the opportunity to change and grow until our very last breath.”

M.F. Ryan, author

We all know change is inevitable. In a recent post, I wrote about how, more than ever before, it’s not just happening faster than ever, it’s here to stay.   

Most of the more significant changes in our lives rarely come naturally or easily to anyone.

We think about change, even dream about it, and sometimes hope for it. When it becomes necessary or gets too near, many people automatically repel it and retreat back to their personal comfort zone, even when it’s uncomfortable there. It’s human nature.  We hate change.

So, let’s not call it change.  Let’s call it Reinvention.  And let’s look at how it can be viewed in a positive way.

Did you know that change is, in fact, good for you?

Embracing a life reinvention helps you:

  • Become flexible and adaptable
  • Boost your confidence
  • Live remarkable experiences
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Evolve as a human being

Let’s look at some strategies (or mindsets) that will help you to get to all this good stuff personal or professional change can offer!

1. See change as good. Adopt a mindset that change WILL bring good things to your life, including what I’ve listed above. We can learn valuable life lessons from every single experience we live if we seek the wisdom that is inevitably there.

2. Know that you’re creating a new and better comfort zone. Whether your change is voluntary or put upon you, you’ll be many steps ahead if you see what lies before you as an opportunity. You have the chance to make your life fit you better than it ever has before and to add new cushions to that comfort zone.

3. You can bring along what is working. As they say, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! We gather good knowledge and skills along our way. Stop, reflect, and discern what those things are, then be sure to bring them along on your new journey.

4. You can walk before you run. Remember, even something such as a brand-new job in a new industry only happens one day at a time, even one hour at a time. Don’t allow yourself to project too far into the future when you’re in the midst of change, or you’ll most likely become overwhelmed. Stay in the ‘now’ as much as possible and choose your moments for zooming out for a wide view.  Every step, even a very small step is a positive way forward.

5. This change doesn’t have to be forever. Ultimately, you’re in control. Try looking at this change as simply a new experience in your life. Something that you want to try on, test out, or investigate. Sure, you may want to put a timeframe on how long you stay in this new phase of your life to ensure you wring every drop of learning out of the situation. Then, change it up again when you feel ready.

6. Surround yourself with people who support your change. Some people are change-phobic themselves, or they don’t want you to change, or they think your change is too risky. Maybe they’re just terribly judgemental. These are not the people you want to turn to or confide in during your reinvention process. Surround yourself with people who support your choices and view change as a good, necessary, vital part of life.

7. Feel yourself grow. Change provides expansion of your experiences, and of your mind. Remember to stop and recognize that. Revel in it! And, be proud of yourself for being brave enough to progress along your life path!

8. Make sure you’re ready for change. There’s only one way to ensure that we can thrive through any change and that is to make absolutely certain we are healthy enough to survive the stress associated with change. That means we have to take care of ourselves. Eat healthy, get some exercise, drink water, get good sleep, and make sure you have some quiet time for reflection somewhere within your day.  These key elements will ensure that you’ll be fit for any change that comes your way. There’s a simple way you can keep track of how you’re doing – by filling out the attached Reinvention Fitness Challenge.  Consider doing the challenge for 6 weeks and sharing it with friends, family and colleagues as a fun way of getting engaged in the process.

As a colleague of mine likes to say, “We can be the generation that makes Reinvention our superpower.”

I hope this series has helped you to be closer than ever to taking the steps toward living the life that will give you great happiness and satisfaction. That’s what I wish for everyone! I have more ways to ease your transition in all of its phases, so I welcome you to give me a call for a FREE first discussion and to share with me your results from this series so far. We can have a fascinating conversation! Book a time in my calendar here!

Much love,



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