Why Do I Hate My Job?

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Did you know…

The 2017 Gallup survey State of the American Workplace[1], confirmed that only 33% of employees are engaged in their job.   That means 67% are not engaged.  And while these numbers are better than they have been in previous years, they are still very, very high.

There are many, many reasons you may hate your job.  It could be because you don’t get along with your boss, or your values don’t match those of the company you work for.  Maybe the work you’re doing isn’t suited to your personality. Perhaps you settled for a JOB (which someone once told me is an acronym for Just Over Broke) instead of taking the time to find out what you were really meant to do.

The report confirmed that most people are leaving their jobs because of or for:

  • Career growth opportunities
  • Pay and benefits
  • Manager or management
  • Company culture
  • Job fit

It goes on to say: “most workers, many of whom are millennials, approach a role and a company with a highly-defined set of expectations.  They want their work to have meaning and purpose.  They want to use their talents and strengths to do what they do best every day.  They want to learn and develop.  They want their job to fit their life.”

Does this sound like you?

To me, it sounds like almost every single person I speak with.  At some level, it makes me angry.  Angry that companies aren’t getting it, losing good people or simply aren’t finding good people.  But angry also that you feel you have to settle.

What is stopping you from taking a good look at what you don’t like about your job?  Is it a fear of not finding or figuring out what you were meant to do?  Is it a fear of losing the security you think your job provides?  Or is it something else entirely?

Someone said to me the other day: “I don’t know anyone who loves their job.  Does this even exist?”  Well, in a word, YES.  It does!

I believe people get bogged down, or complacent sometimes, other times letting little things overwhelm them.  You can love your job if you figure out what it is you really hate and then try to change that.  Sometimes it’s something quite small.  Other times it’s a much larger issue that requires more time and more exploration.  It’s about letting go of some things, learning more about yourself and moving on while taking the good stuff with you.

Most people stay in the job they hate because they’re afraid of change or they’re afraid of losing their security.  Once you begin to focus on what is important to YOU, it will be much easier to find things that you love AND to make money at it.

Whatever you reason, there is a way to find out more and to begin the path to a more rewarding and fulfilling career. To begin your exploration, download your FREE Career Assessment Survey.

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[1] https://news.gallup.com/reports/199961/7.aspx  2017 State of the American Workplace Copyright © 2017 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.

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